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The formation of Hurricaine!

The hurricane story begins with a group trigger thunderstorms in the tropical regions, often coming from a certain type of surface of convergence. These first grains often develop in West Africa and move west into the Atlantic. (The picture shows a model in the world winds, which often sees that the convergence of the initial phase.) Organized area of convection and heat, making the pressure. The pressure forces more air, closer together, and how did the same time, the air is forced to increase. This increase is more than movement, the very large storms, more heat and reduce the pressure even more. This in turn allows more air to converge near the ground.

Do you remember the Coriolis "Going in Circles? It is the force that rotates the time when the air in motion. More air, the greater the air crashes in the middle, and the traffic increase.

It must also be a mechanism for removing the air too high, thereby reducing the pressure through the elimination of air. More holiday air. A high pressure in the amount of system with different currents will investigate the matter. Many tropical disturbance formed, but few a name for themselves. Normally, that high-level fan extraction is with the storms that it fails to do this. The figure below shows how the entire model.

When a disturbance with a well-defined, but the dissemination of winds less than 39 miles per hour, the system is known as a tropical depression. When the wind at 39 to 73 mi / h, the system, is a tropical storm. If the wind over 73 miles per hour, the traffic is rated as a hurricane. In the western Pacific, hurricanes typhoons. In the Indian Ocean, they are the Cyclones. But in general, the tropical cyclones refer to all trips organized and tropical diseases.

These tropical cyclones have a unique structure (the figure below). A hurricane transport is an area of about 300 to 700 miles. The humidity of the spiral in the middle of the spiral strip along busy. The strongest and stimulate the meteorological conditions are created within these bands precipitation. The winds gradually in the center of the hurricane. The winds are the highest in the eye wall, where it dominated the clouds rise up to 50000 feet and more. The destructive hurricane occurs in the eyes of the wall.
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If a system of winds less than 39 miles per hour, it is a tropical depression. When the wind at 39 to 73 mi / h, which is a tropical storm. If the wind over 73 miles per hour, the traffic is rated as a hurricane. In the western Pacific, hurricanes typhoons, in the Indian Ocean, they are the Cyclones. A tropical cyclone refers generally to all trips organized and tropical diseases.

In the middle is relatively calm eye, where the wind around May 10 to 15 mph. Air subsidized in the eye, which explains why the sky is clear. The lively self-contained and the clouds broke. The eye itself is approximately 10 to 30 miles wide. As the tropical cyclones release tremendous heat, the middle of the road is warmer than the surrounding area; another feature distinguishes these storms Cyclones forward. The storms affecting the fronts have a cold.

These storms need energy, what the areas in which they evolve. You have to pick up the oceans, in the places where the temperature of the water is less than 79 degrees. If the water temperature is lower, the storm loses energy to the surface of the ocean. That is why a hurricane weakens when it moves, or in cold water on the earth: The cooler water or the soil absorbs the heat. The latest figure shows the regions sources and pave the way for these storms.

The Hurricanes are responsible...

The Hurricanes are responsible for the delivery in enormous resources, the three East: wind, water and waves. The wind is often referred to as the destructive element in a hurricane, even though the vast majority of the damage and destruction are used in conjunction with water and waves. But the wind is not without its problems.

As the wind in the intensity of hurricanes, the system seems not to a threshold important. Damage is very widespread. Given the strength of the wind increases with the square of the speed, a doubling of wind speed leads to an increase of four of the possible damage. But beyond the normal hurricane winds, these storms often cause tornadoes. Even after a storm weakens and moves inland, with winds, tornadoes may continue during the hours, even days. The tornadoes are not very big, but the Midwest selection, but they are strong enough to tear roofs and uprooting trees. Normally, the formation of tornadoes in the front of the right quadrant of a hurricane. If the storm in the north, tornadoes formed in the northern area. In general, this sector most winds.

When a hurricane moves north, that the road to the north connects to the air in the north along the storm to strengthen the power of the wind. On the western side of the road to the north opposes the flow of air in the south, so that the power of the wind is weaker. The figure below shows how the storm track is the wind. In New England, one of the main concerns is to a hurricane in the west of the coast of the parties in the region and the movement on land to a fast speed. This combination is exactly what during the great hurricane of 1938, when 600 people were killed.
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Either drag your ship from the water before the storm or bound. Are you concerned about the broken window panes, the use of plywood, as streaks. Make sure that you have a supply of batteries, canned food and drinking water.
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Like the tornadoes, all doors and windows must be closed during the hurricanes. Because every construction is waterproof in the air, the differences between the pressure from inside and outside to build enough to cause explosions. An open window serve as input for scrap and water. The air may cause indeed a roof without further delay.

The torrential rains and accompanying hurricanes, as the wind, long after the storm is in the country. Some of the storms have delivered flash floods. For the United States, within the floods has been for more than 70 percent of the loss of human life hurricanes and tropical storms. For example, the tropical storm Claudette in 1979, has 45-inch rain in Alvin, Texas. Damage has hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars. Hurricanes Connie and Diane team that approximately 20-inch rain in New England in August 1955. The floods have one of the largest natural disasters in the region known to damage of 4.2 billion U.S. dollars, for 1990 U.S. dollars. Two hundred people were killed. Then the Hurricane Agnes in 1972, which remain on land and the day as a weakened, but a soaking-wet tropical storm. In U.S. dollars adjusted to the loss came to 6.4 billion U.S. dollars. The number of deaths on the 122nd In June 2001, the tropical storm Allison to a weakening of the depression, if he were in the area of Houston, but he has 30 to 40 inch rain. More than 40 people dead and 5.0 billion dollars damage has occurred while the storm slowly moved from Texas to Florida and north in Virginia. In 1998, Hurricane Mitch is the deadliest storms have hit the Atlantic basin since 1780. The torrential rains trigger landslides in Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. At least 9,000 people were killed. The only other hurricane has cost more lives in the Atlantic basin was a storm, proposed by Barbados in Martinique in October 1780. This storm claims 22,000 lives.

The massive rainfalls from these storms, because the storms have a very large mass of moisture and are very unstable. If the floor is uneven, with many hills, the air is pushed upward, and the pressure in the atmosphere. Most regions inner fear that the rainy season of hurricanes far more than the wind.

There is also the waves and waves of water, which is on the shoreline. The strong winds collect the water along the coastal areas, as in the wind. This creates a wave, measuring 10 to 20 feet above the normal level of the tides. In addition, waves of 20 or even 30 feet combined with the increase. The low pressure in the center of the storm pulls the water even higher than if it was called by a straw. If the storm comes during a flood, normal, the situation is even worse. The Galveston hurricane of 1900 cost the lives of up to 6000 people, most of the strong tides. A large part of the damage from Hurricane Camille in 1969 was combined with a 25-foot storm tide when the storm moved into the coastal areas of Mississippi.

The biggest storm on Earth

The wind appears in the current lot. A few months ago there was the wind in the form of tornadoes, soon it will factor temperature. Today, hurricanes, but there's more wind in these storms.

The Cyclones (Hurricane Taino word for "bad spirit"), are technically tropical cyclones. In the Caribbean, called the God of all evil, and those were to punish the wrath of the gods. Regardless of how the hurricanes are called, they are the largest thunderstorm on Earth.

The birthplace is the hurricanes in the tropics. Capture the latitude 5 to 20 degrees north or south of the equator, in areas where the ocean, the temperature reached 80 in summer and autumn.

Hurricanes begin, as an air mass is unstable and often, when the field of convergence, by the winds of the two hemispheres is the reduction of more than unusually warm zones of the sea There must be far enough from the equator to the strengths of the rotation due to the winds Spiral, as defined in the northern hemisphere, and right in the southern hemisphere.

The hurricane draws its energy from the ocean, with energy in the form of heat transfer the water into the air. A large amount of water vapor evaporates and transported to the top by strong winds spiral. Clouds increase if the latent heat is the moment where the steam condenses in the clouds. Since warm air and moisture increased, a zone of low pressure is created near the surface. This attracts more air and moisture, and the system grows. This process will continue until the system from 90 to 400 miles across.

When the wind speed reached 39 miles per hour, the storm is a tropical storm and the storm is a name. The old tradition, the names of the storms of women was abandoned in 1979, now they receive both the male and female names.

In one of the 10 tropical storms, the wind speed is 74 miles per hour, these storms will be updated hurricane. The hurricanes can develop to 300 miles or more in diameter, and from 10 to 50 miles per hour. The wind speed in storms that can store up to 200 miles per hour.

One of the things Oddest to the hurricanes is the eye of the storm. In the center of the storm system is a zone of 25 miles through the remarkably quiet and calm. The hurricane survivors to speak, as it is strange and shows the eye of the storm: the blue sky above surrounded by a wall of clouds in anger. Ships at sea known to survive hurricanes by the electoral district in the eye of the storm.

The winds of hurricane damage much, but that can minors in relation to the waves, the coastal areas to attack. The hurricane itself is a low pressure, but the eye in the middle is a high pressure. This strong, and the intense low pressure that surrounds them, creates a yearning to the centre, which is literally a wall of water up to 10 feet high. This wall of water is pressed, come in the hurricane and can take up to 25 feet high and the waves are by the wind. If these waves are embedded in the region of the bay, the effect of the compression of the mass of the surrounding areas can cause the waves rise up to 40 feet. It is already a bad situation even worse, if it with a flood.

More deaths were between the hurricanes, volcanoes and earthquakes. One of the worst hurricanes in history took place in 1970, Bangladesh and the killing 500000 people. In our country, we’ve more happy was the worst hurricane in the history of the U.S. 1900 was a storm, killing 6000 in Galveston, Texas.

A hurricane takes about ten days. Well, that is usually a way to west across the South Atlantic and then the arc to the north, near our coast; hurricanes follow a path very striking. A hurricane can change its flight path, when suddenly it is difficult to predict where it goes out.

Irony of fate, there is a useful page to the hurricanes. These systems are used to tropical storm to spread the heat of the tropics, sometimes the rainfall in the areas that otherwise would be dry. But it seems a small advantage if you look at the figures of mortality.

Thank you from meteorological satellites, we are capable of hurricanes better than ever before, and although we May not be able to accurately predict the ways we are at least warned.

The last word on the place of modern Israel in the biblical prophecy

I have heard in one form or another since I was converted, as a teenager - God has a plan for Israel policy, such as the fate of the nation is closely related to the realization of other Biblical prophecy and, in fact, the second coming of Christ !

I do not know where I have heard the first - if I have read in Hal Lindsey's "Late Great Planet Earth", or whether I heard him, at the beginning of the New Zealand white Pentecostal evangelist, Barry Smith. Anyway, I have many times before, and the game is always the same - triumph that Israel has the means neighbours in the east was clearly predicted in the biblical texts, and that until that happens, the "Battle "(" Armageddon ") and the 1000-year reign of peace can not occur.

The message from this spiritual nature of the show is always ", write to Christ, so that you are prepared when it comes back." It is obvious that with a political message too well - that we should all be shot from hand to l 'State of Israel in its battles with their neighbors, for fear that the state of the prophecies of the Bible a little frustrated, or at least a dead point.

"Christian Zionists" is the technical term for this reading of the Holy Scriptures. Irony of fate, they will thrive better in the areas of the church, where there is a strong distinction between the sacred and the secular - between religion and politics. For most Christians Zionists will tell you that the political issues have nothing to do with their belief that the only Hello its staff. The only exception is that deals with issues of Israeli policy, it is still a special role in God's plan of the Hello.

The religions in this respect are very common among evangelical Christians, particularly in the United States, where they are in a dynamic pro-Israel, the foreign policy. In recent years, the Christian Zionist lobby has played an important role in supporting and strengthening the special relationship between Israel and the West. And the members of the church were actively angefleht been by the Israeli nationalists United States and the State of Israel itself!

Ok. That's enough, in the Christian Zionism! If you did not know what that is, you do not. Anyway, I encourage you to address a wide ramp! Why? Because in my opinion, the Christian Zionism is both wrong and dangerous!

It is wrong because it is a misunderstanding of the Bible. It is dangerous because of the sanctions measures, which contribute to the predominance of the State of Israel, without consequences for their largest, and without a serious assessment of the legal nature of the measures themselves.

Now… I think that I am an easy way to prove that they are Christians, Zionist completely outside the slopes! My argument is simple and essential, and I've never met a Christian who is in the Zionist position, with more than usual it was an area where this argument.

And it does not mean anything against what is calls the prophetic texts. I was not necessary to call into question the distinction between sacred and secular. It does not even by me to adopt a policy in the state of Israel. I could very pro-Zionist and believe that this is still that the biblical prophecy is never normative!

Biblical prophecy is never normative. In other words, prophecies in the Bible at all bids work - let's say directly to determine how our relations with our neighbours. They work to us by God - usually by remorse. Allow me to this meat:

If Amos announced the judgement of God - "For three transgressions of Israel and for four, I will not cancel sanctions" - its purpose is not easy to get the people to disrupt and they said that they are on the point d 'be destroyed, nor is to them an invitation to come to him and to destroy Israel. On the contrary, its aim is to his listeners to repentance so that Israel is not destroyed.

When the prophet Jeremiah rails against the sins of Israel, and provides that a "pot boil of the North" in their direction and destroy everything that is not designed to meet the person, political loyalty Israel in the north of the country Babylon (or Assyria).

On the contrary, Jeremiah sincerely hopes has always predicted that the events are not coming there to change, and if things do not run as he had predicted, together wrote a book of Jeremiah of complaints, screaming the tragedy of the destruction of Jerusalem!

See my point? Jeremiah prophesied the destruction of Israel, but that does not mean that he, like a good thing, or wanted to promote someone to help you to do so.

Yes, the destruction of Jerusalem 587 BC was the realization of the prophecy of Jeremiah, but it was still a great tragedy that would have to be avoided, and Jeremiah would have to be avoided, had the people 'is rotated its creator in the Repentance and faith.

Biblical prophecy is not prescriptive. Jeremiah prophecies not the destruction of Jerusalem an act morally acceptable, and if we are a part of the audience, the correct answer would be to go s'enrĂ´ler in the army to power the Babel looting. N ° The prophecies have a spiritual purpose, operating something like a shock therapy. The Prophet paints a shocking images from the judgement, to the point of falling to his audience clicks to the point that they ensure that something is very bad!

This distinguishes the biblical prophecy of the two means the assets and elections. Bible prophecy will not be for the sake of satisfying the curiosity of everyone in the future, not more than what they are, to help, 21 Century shape the foreign policy. Prophecies are to designate people to return to God.

It is there that the Christian Zionism, which is obviously still wrong.

Christian Zionists claim that the prophecies of the Bible point to the triumph of the 21st Century policy of Israel to its neighbours and the Middle East. I think that their interpretation of biblical texts is wrong, but that is irrelevant. What is important, even if they were fairly accurate, and in particular that a biblical prophet in fact a military victory for Israel more modern, for example Iran, this does not mean that this is the prophet or the Bible with the approval was as a good thing that deserves our support, not more, that the destruction of Jerusalem requires that Jeremiah was a good thing, deserves to be supported. On the contrary, for example, historical, even if it was, "predicts", the good thing to do, the lettering of a point, perhaps even resistance.

The biblical prophecy never standards for the people of faith. It is that the commandments are standards. You know - "love God and love your neighbour". These are the commands that Divine inform our activities and tell us how we should behave towards our neighbours. And that's only on the basis of these bids that we have a Bibliquement on the basis of foreign policy - and on the basis of love!

I should perhaps not be too hard to judge my brothers Christian Zionists to predict confusion and the command. Finally, the prophet Jonas itself has been guilty of the same confusion.

Do you remember Jonas, is not it? After his adventures with the big fish, it is ultimately not in Nineveh and to manage his message: "But, forty days, and Nineveh is destroyed."

. It was a very simple message, and if even a biblical prophecy seems a simple prediction about the future, it was Jonah.

If at the end of the book, you know that Jonas after promulgation of his message, found a good position outside the city and sits there until the fireworks to start. A large part of his own grief, they do not start. His prediction was not met. Why not? Because the prophecy was successful. See the difference?

The prophecy of Jonas was a success, because it causes people to reverse and back to God. The result was that the city will not have to be destroyed. God will be very happy. Jonas was not the case.

Read the last chapter of the book by Jonas sometimes when you do not have the details. Jonah's prophecy contract as if it were just the people about the inevitable. He has the judgement in full should be done, and considered it right and proper. Because I believe that Jonah had done nothing more than happy if God had given him the privilege to press the button to fire and sulfur attack in Nineveh. But it should not be!

Jonas has the error to see the destruction of Nineveh as a good thing, simply because the prophecy! If the Christian Zionists he had with him, they have an anti-Nineveh foreign policy on the basis of his prophecy. It can also concluded that the consignment of weapons to the enemies of Nineveh was an appropriate response to the prophecy of Jonas. Fortunately, the people of Nineveh reacted, the words of Jonas. They penance, which is the subject of prophecy while!

Biblical prophecy is not normative! It is that the commandments are standards.

Are the two not simply a mistake. It is dangerous and can even be angry because when you order the prophecy and command structures, you run the risk of breaking the bids for the well-being are your prophecy fulfilled.

Let's get specific here:

The suppression of the Palestinian people by the State of Israel in recent years has been terrible. Between the massacres and the killing and the daily routine a system of apartheid, the Israeli Arabs as second-class citizens, all bids have been broken.

If we look at the situation through the eyes of Jesus - with the eyes of compassion and mercy - we can not be delayed, but once pity and anger. Grace for the many victims - the Palestinians and Jews who tried to resist the occupation. And the anger towards the countries of the possible suppression - the countries who understand Australia and the United States.

And the saddest part, in my view is that a large part of this oppression in the name of religion, and with the blessing of the many parts of the Church of Christ, because it is as an indication of a necessary part, the great time to end the theatre, as in the Bible prophecies. How embarrassing!

Biblical prophecy is never normative!

Jonah predicts that Nineveh, decline. Thank God, his prophecy has not been met.

Jeremiah prophesied that Jerusalem is the autumn. Oh, what a good thing and be cautious, then it would be if we was in a position to prevent that from occurring!

The fact that something was predicted does not mean that such a result is a good thing. The events of May things that we should resist. We must take tours of the bids. Bids on our activities, not even prophecies.

Ok. This is the game. Are you convinced? I hope so. I also accept that many Christian Zionists are not convinced.

Even among those who read and understand what I said, some are not convinced, but continue to believe that the Lord Jesus us unilaterally on the support of the State of Israel, regardless of their record level of abuse of human rights. I accept that. People are complex, and to keep these types of bodies for reasons which are often difficult to understand.

But know this - that the Christian Zionist position is not logical, it is not morally, and that is certainly not the Bible, even if his followers add "because the Bible says:" Every time their arguments.

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In Matthew 24:7-8, Jesus Christ prophesied of the mark, the signs of time before his return: "For the nation is against a nation, and Kingdom against Kingdom. And there are famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places ....

We have undoubtedly the most devastating earthquakes in recent years. The December 2004 earthquake off the coast of Indonesia is the strongest in decades, triggered a giant tsunami had some 30,0000 lives. Last month an earthquake in South Asia has killed another 30,000.

In Matthew 24:7, the Greek word translated "earthquake" is seismos, where this English words such as "Seismology," based on the study of earthquakes. Strong lexicon defines as "a commotion, ie (air) Windstoss, (bottom) an earthquake earthquakes, storms" (Strong No. 4578).

Seismos has a broader sense that it is the earth moves. Matthew 8 documents, such as a severe thunderstorm about Jesus and his disciples on the Sea of Galilee, threatened their vessel to capsize and drown, until it is a miracle that Jesus calms the winds and waves.

The word, in verse 24 of this strong storm is seismos, here means "storm". We see that seismos may also refer to violent storms, and not only in earthquakes. If Jesus prophesied "famines, pestilences and earthquakes in various places," His words, natural disasters, from earthquakes, but can also be applied to hurricanes, tornadoes and other storms cause of death.


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